The Willamette Valley Chamber for Commerce

"Dedicated to improving commerce while supporting schools, youth groups, non-profit organizations, and churches in our community."

The Willamette Valley Chamber for Commerce is:

A chamber with our community in mind

A chamber that is dedicated to promoting your business and bringing you new customers

A chamber that shows a heart for our local schools and charities by helping to support them

A chamber that wants to see your business flourish

WVCC membership provides:

  •  Networking opportunities with other Willamette Valley Chamber members
  •  Events designed to bring public awareness to your business
  •  Cost effective ways to get new customers through your door
  •  Creative ideas to keep customers coming back
  •  Educational programs on how to trade your goods and/or services with other merchants
  •  Results-based advertising: Advertising paid for after sales are made

For brief explanation of the WVCC, please watch this 2 minute video:

The Willamette Valley Chamber for Commerce is an economic development company: 
Dedicated to improving local commerce while supporting schools, youth groups, non-profit organizations, and churches in our community.