Oregon Animal Care Center
Celina Mesa
P.O. Box 620
Turner, Oregon 97392
Phone:(503) 910-4544
Website: www.oaccrescue.com
Email: oaccrescue@yahoo.com

Oregon Animal Care Center actively works to promote positive interaction between animals and humans. Our mission is to raise awareness about the perils of factory farming, rescue animals from abuse and neglect, support wildlife conservation, educate about the relationship between domestic violence and animal abuse, provide education and training through community action events and workshops.

Not only are we raising awareness about the degradation of animal welfare but we are also promoting and raising awareness about the food industry and it's horrific impact on humanity. Diabetes is climbing in numbers and its impact on our adolescence is staggering. It is a global epidemic. We educate about the truths behind food and pharmaceutical medicine both for human and animals.

Every single year, billions of animals are raised in heart-breaking conditions, only to be injected with antibiotics, painfully slaughtered, and in some cases, tortured.

Moreover, our daily consumption of factory farm meat has been linked to multiple diseases, and there is a large general consensus in the scientific community that a plant-based diet best suits our health and nutritional needs.

While domestic abuse strikes people of all races, religions, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientations, risk factors for abuse include lack of education, witnessing family violence as a child TO INCLUDE ABUSING ANIMALS, and attitudes of DOMINION OVER THE WEAK AND INNOCENT.