WVCC School & Non-Profit fundraising:

The WVCC is dedicated to supporting local schools, youth groups, churches, and non-profit organizations.
Working with BLT Advantage, the WVCC provides programs designed help schools, youth groups, churches, and non-profit organizations raise funds with no out-of-pocket costs.
BLT Advantage happily provides everything needed to ensure working with their programs will result in successful fundraising for your organization year-after-year.
The WVCC offers a generous rewards program to schools and non-profit organizations that bring businesses into their programs.

What is the cost to Schools & Non-profits?  

Nothing!  WVCC/BLT will happily supply everything needed as well as the associated literature at no cost.

What will Schools & Non-profits need to do to raise funds?

Only three things are needed:

  •  The information about the WVCC/BLT programs needs to be distributed to their supporters.
  •  The supporters need to visit the WVCC/BLT websites.
  •  The supporters should be reminded about the fundraising aspect of BLT Advantage program usage.

For more information about no cost fundraising opportunities visit: www.bltadvantage.com