BLT Bargains
Ben Punley
P.O. Box 2187
Salem, OR 97308
Phone: 503-409-3298

Your purchase of BLT Bargains will save you money and a portion of your purchase will help support schools, youth groups, churches, & non-profit organizations in our community. When you purchase your BLT Bargains, just let us know which school, youth group, church, and/or non-profit you wish to support.

A brief explanation of BLT Bargains:

Merchant gift cards are offered at 75% of face value on the BLT Bargains website.

Local Schools, Churches, & Non-Profits direct their supporters to the BLT Bargains web site.

The supporters will save money and feel good knowing that a portion of their purchases will help fund their cause.

When shopping, the supporters will feel good about the merchants as they are also helping their cause and are more likely to return.

This is a great way for schools, youth groups, churches, and non-profits to raise funds without any out of pocket cost!