WVCC/BLT Advertising Programs: 

(Please note: Most of these BLT Advantage programs are included in the cost of your WVCC membership)

BLT Bargains:

Merchant gift cards are offered at 75% of face value on the BLT Bargains website.  

As a portion of all gift cards sold through BLT Bargains will help fund local Schools, Churches, & Non-Profits, they will direct their supporters to thBLT Bargains web site.

The supporters will save money and feel good knowing that a portion of their purchases will help fund their cause.

When these people shop with the merchants, they feel good knowing that the merchants are also supporting their cause and are more likely to be return customers.

After their gift cards are sold, merchants can either collect 45% of the face value of their gift cards in cash, 90% in other merchants gift cards, or 100% of face value in BLT Community Dollars Virtual Currency.

The BLT Community Dollars Virtual Currency can then be used to make purchases with other participating merchants.

BLT Bargains will bring new customers into your business!
For more information visit www.bltbargains.com

The BLT Values Card:

Imagine you had a card that would save you money with hundreds of local merchants and, when you made purchases, a portion of the price would help support schools, non-profits, and churches in our community.

Would you tend to shop with those merchants?

Would you want to be one of those merchants?

Interested? Visit www.BLTValues.com for more information.